ThoreCash Security token #STO

Investors who participate in the STO are buying ThoreCash(TCH), Which are fully compliant security tokens Tri-Blockchain (Ethereum Waves Tron) based token give investors economic rights and right to dividends "Token"
  • Fully compliant security token
  • Right to profit sharing via dividends
  • Linked to Crypto Portfolios
  • TriBlockchain token standard

This website is not intended for residents of the United States (including its territories and possessions, any state of the United States and the District of Columbia). This website and the materials contained therein do not constitute or form a part of an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities in the United States or any other jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such jurisdiction. US investors may participate in the US offering by going to the US website(Next phase)

Thorecash Security token #STO

Round starts
30 July 2019
Open to
ThoreCash is raising multiple rounds in order to fuel growth in the coming years, In the first round, we aim to leverage the ‘small offering exemption’ of the European prospectus directive, which allows Existing ICO/Presale investors to participate. Our objective for this round is to raise a maximum of EUR 4.5 Million For which a prospectus is not required

To participate in our STO, you can register on our compliant token issuance platform, EU Based (TBA) you will go through a short KYC process to ensure eligible participation.

Funding rounds planning

We're planning a multi-stage STO, accessible for investors from multiple countries. 1st Round is Only Migration from Existing Token Holding to STO 2 more rounds are planned for later this year.

* The execution and characteristics of this round depends on the outcome of previous rounds.
Round one Round two* Round three*
Funding amount $4.5MN €5M – €10M To be decided
Open to Existing ICO/Presale & BonaFide
Holders Only
EEA & ASIA Multiple jurisdictions
Start date July 2019 OCT 2019 To be decided
Stake in Thorecash YES NO
Dividends YES* YES
Max. participants Limited To be decided To be decided
Min. investment $100 To be decided To be decided
Price per TCH STO $1.38* To be decided To be decided
Max shares represented 45% 25% To be decided

Growth prospectus is for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) who are looking to raise capital via public offerings. Growth prospectus is a new term introduced in the new Prospectus Regulation (coming into force 21st of July, 2019)

Who will be able to use growth prospectus?

SMEs will be able to draft a growth prospectus, which is a simplified prospectus for smaller companies and smaller offerings. SME is a company with a maximum market capitalisation of 200m euros (under new rules, the current rule is 100m). That’s definitely sufficient for most of the companies issuing security tokens. Additionally, the growth prospectus will be allowed to be used by companies which trade on SME growth market with a market cap up to 500m euros and with maximum 499 employees, with a public offering up to 20m euros. However, SMEs which are traded on the regulated markets cannot use the growth prospectus to raise capital. The goal is to avoid creating a double regime for prospectuses (i.e some companies on the stock exchange have to create a standard prospectus while the other can create a growth prospectus).

Under the Prospectus Regulation the disclosure requirements in this section apply only for equity securities issued by companies with market capitalisation above EUR 200 000 000. The OFR applies where the Management Report presented and prepared in accordance with Article 19 or 29 of Directive 2013/34/EU

The prospectus is a document which contains all the information about the public offering, including information about the issuer of securities (security tokens) and enables the investor to do an informed decision on whether to invest into particular offering or not. Prospectus usually contains registration document (information about the issuer), securities note (description of the issued security), and conclusion (warnings, main information, risks etc).

The investor should get all the necessary information from the prospectus, however, the requirements of the prospectus shouldn’t be overly burdensome for the issuer, which may cause the issuer to cancel the plans of doing any sort of public offering at all. The goal of the growth prospectus is just that — to optimize the requirements so they reflect the needs of the issuer and would be proportional to the offering.

How the mass market enters the new digital economy